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Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds is a project that was born in 2006, but that has many years of collective experience behind it.

We are dedicated to searching for, selecting, and creating great genetics. We work with the little treasures that we find from selecting or from swaps, make crosses with them, and then we make them available to you. The basis of our genetics is that they are carriers of very high concentrations of CBD, apt for medicinal use.

Our product is the result of the search and work with the genetics and the result of our selections from all types of seeds, commercial as well as land race.

Our crosses come from stable genetics well known in the cannabis world, so the quality is guaranteed from the start.
The plants of Reggae family are a genetic selection that they have a common denominator, well-suited for indoor growing (short, compact plants, without too much branching), as well as being aclimatized for outdoors.

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