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Reeferman Seeds

Reeferman is a leader amongst a growing number of Canadian seed producers and breeder that are now beginning to seriously compete with the Dutch cannabis establishment. In 2004 Reeferman Seeds won the Seed Company Sativa Cup for its Love Potion #1 strain.

The philosophy behind Reeferman Seeds lies in the knowledge that much of the cannabis gene pool is in decline because of inbreeding and that some clones being passed around Holland are 20 years and older. Charles Scott of Reeferman Seeds works on the basis that maintaining diversity of genetics is the best way to ensure the existence of a healthy lifeline as cannabis progresses further into the 21st century. Reeferman Seeds has experimented with several popular strains from the 1970’s, including Panama Red and Santa Marta Gold. In 2004, Charles Scott of Reeferman Seeds won his first cup, the #1 Seed Company Sativa Cup, and has received numerous awards since, including a win at the 2014 Bio Cannabis Cup in Spain.

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