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Cali Connection

Grape Kush Feminised


TIME: 8-9 Weeks


THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Grape Kush is a 60% Sativa 40% Indica variety of cannabis derived from The Cali Connection's huge yielding Grape Romulan crossed with the awesome Pre98 Bubba.

The resultant strain, is strong and robust with thick stems from the Pre98 Bubba. Cali Connection achieved larger than average yields from the Grape Kush, with the flowers possessing a floral, grape bouquet with spicy undertones of hash and incense. Grape Kush flowers in just 8-9 weeks, much quicker than a regular Romulan; again, this is due to the presence of Pre98 Bubba in the genetics.

Grape Romulan x Pre98 Bubba

Flowering: 8-9 weeks 

Yield: 400+ gpsm