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Grape Inferno Regular


TIME: 8-9 Weeks

HEIGHT: Medium - Large

THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

This strain is a serious taster, originating from a cut of Nepali OG gifted by Norstar Genetics and crossing it with Querkle has led to this grape packed monster of a terpene producer. Expect purple colours across the super dense nuggets that exude a smell of mixed berries and cherrys combined with an intoxicatingly rich smell of hash.

Hash is all that comes to mind when talking about this strain, with hash consisting of the majority of the flavour profile. The resin yields on this strain are monstrous, definitely one for all the extractors out there. Beneath the taste of hash and grape you can find undertones of earthy cherries and other fruits with hints of vanilla. The high off this strain is very deep and relaxing perfect for the evenings.

Nepali OG x Querkle

Genetics: Nepali OG x Querkle

Height: Medium to tall stretch

Yield: Good yields with the bulk of the weight coming from the super dense hard resin filled nuggets.

Harvest: 8-9 weeks

Sativa/Indica: 30/70

High: A calm relaxing strain that you will struggle to put down, the hash off this plant is known to be very potent.

Taste/Aroma: A super tasty strain, consisting of tastes and aromas of cherry, grape, vanilla, fruit punch and berries with a very hash based backing to it all.

Additional Info: Top multiple times to create an even canopy.