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Devil's Harvest

Golden Haze Feminised

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 9-10 Weeks


THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Golden Haze is a Feminsed strain from Devils Harvest Seeds. An elite cross of Soma's Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze. A collaboration that cannot fail to impress.

Featured in the High Times guide "Earth's Strongest Strains", Golden haze has a soaring high typical of sativa strains. A 9 week pheno of Golden Haze managed to reach 20.51% THC during one of Devils Harvest's tests. 

An incredibly stable strain that is reminiscent of that old school haze that we all love. The taste is sensational with a strong Amnesia pallet. As you would expect from a haze variety, Golden Haze does like to stretch in the last 2-3 weeks. Make sure you let her go the fulll 9 weeks+ to get that increased yield and potancy.  

Outdoors, Golden Haze is a hardy and durable variety of cannabis that can grow to over 2 meters tall. Be aware that flowering times can stretch to mid-October and beyond thanks to her size! Feminised seeds now available to buy online from Dr Chronic Seeds or in our Essex store.

Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Amnesia Haze

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

Sativa/Indica: 70/30%

THC: 22%

Yield: Medium