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Auto Seeds

Dreamberry Auto Feminised


TIME: 10-11 Weeks

HEIGHT: Short - Medium

THC: THC 20-25%

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Dreamberry is the offspring of two amazing parents; The world famous Blue Dream and our very own Berry Ryder. She has a great balance of close internodal spacing inherent from our Berry Ryder and the longer buds from the Blue Dream, resulting in a compact plant overall. Perfect for SCROG or in any other area where the growing space is limited. 

In optimal conditions yields can reach over 350 g/m2 in just 75 days.

This plant produces severall tops rather than just one central cola. If growing in soil it is advised to add another medium such as perlite or coco to give the soil better air flow. This will aid root development and will help allow the Dreamberry to reach its full potential.  

A well balanced hybrid, Dreamberry leans slightly more towards the Sativa side in growth as well as effect, giving more of a cerebral high. Experience the juiciest berry flavours and floral notes also not forgetting the spicy undertones aquired from the Blue Dream lineage. 

  • Height: 45cm-85cm
  • Yield: 350+ g/m2 
  • Harvest: 70-75 days from seed
  • Stone: Strong cerebral high, leading to a full body buzz
  • THC: High