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Caramelice Feminised


TIME: 9-10 Weeks


THC: THC 15-20%

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor


The Skunk varieties supposed a success in growing cannabis. Its unique aroma and flavor of citrus captivated hundreds of thousands of farmers who continue filling the gardens with these varieties. Positronics has created a Skunk for the times we live. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste of its parents, but improvements such as increased resistance to fungi and early flowering flowering handicaps of skunk variety.


Plant with a powerful force from the beginning. Stems thin, average internodal distance, many small serrated leaves of green. During flowering, the plant is filled with long and large stigmas ( hairs ) and this is where the real skunk appears, do not say we did not warn you. By the fifth week they will begin to acquire their characteristic intense orange color and the buds become covered in a lot of trichomes, characteristic of Skunk varieties. Grows large towers of compact buds known as "donkey dicks ". The smell of oranges will rise.


AROMA: orange, lime, lemon ... the entire family of citrus contained in a variety of cannabis. Impactful aroma is not lost. Highly commercial as everyone likes. In Holland and England was the variety most cultivated for a decade.

TASTE: The flavor and aroma are the key to success in this variety. It really seems that you have in your mouth a piece of orange. Maybe a dream come true for all growers.

EFFECT: Provides a proper nice euphoric feeling of Skunk varieties, moderately psychoactive, ideal for moments stress. Markedly increases appetite.


Growth should not be excessive and the stems are not very thick, the use of nets or poles are recommended to support the weight of the flowers. Essential to the use of carbon systems. The constant use of fans is recommended to aerate the maximum huge flower clusters. This helps maintain a moderate, significant moisture free Skunk. Caramelice successfully supports high temperatures but otherwise does not tolerate temperatures below 12ºC. You do not need lots of fertilizer but maintenance of PH. Last week watering can administer some naturally occurring sugar water for irrigation, as fructose (fruit) , celiobiosa ( beet) , glucose ( sugar cane black )

CROSSING: Caramela x Superskunk

VARIETY: Hybrid Set

AROMA: Orange, lime, lemon

EFFECT: Euphoric sensation

THC: 16 %

CBD: 0.2 %

Sensitivity to Fungi: Moderate


EC Growth: 0,6-0,9ms. - 1,1-1,4ms

Flowering: EC 1-1,2ms. - 1,4-1,7ms

PH: 5.8. - 5.8

Bloom PH: 7.0. - 6.5


HARVEST: October 1st-10th. - 70 Days

PRODUCTION: 350-400gr per plant. - 400 g / m2