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Dr Krippling Seeds

Buzz Light Gear Feminised

YIELD: Very High

TIME: 10-12 Weeks


THC: THC 20-25%


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

One for the connoisseurs & daytrippers – Krippling’s 100% sativa mix’s bred for flavour & smell. This plant forms crystal ladened calyx, upon calyx, upon calyx…... with strong overtones of the hazes and mist + an undertone of orange bud. Buzz Light Gear ‘will not knock you for six’ or ‘shake you like a Polaroid picture’. Makes your day perfect, as it gives an exciting, energising high – encouraging you ~ 2 infinity ‘n’ beyond..!!!!!

Do not get it twisted and underestimate it though. This is still a Krippling Strain, capable of causing temporary periods of immobility and singing you a sweet a lullaby drifting you to sleep more successfully than one's mother ever could.

100% sativa

THC: 20-23%

Indoor Flowering: 10-12 Weeks

Outdoor Flowering: End of October- Beginning of November

Yield Indoor: 400-800 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor: 650-1400 gr. per plant