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Afghan Kush x Yumbolt Feminised

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 7-8 Weeks


THC: THC 15-20%


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Afgan Kush X Yumbolt

Afghan Kush x Yumbolt is the result of crossing our Afghan Kush, coming from Kush varieties grown in a small area in the north of Afghanistan, in the mountains of the Hindu Kush genetics 100% Indica and Yumbolt, variety Afghan pure Indica that acclimated to the Humboldt Mountains in California during the 70's is so old school. Afghan Kush x Yumbolt is a hybrid 100% Indica sedative effect and very relaxing, ideal for periods of stress, and with all the qualities of a good Indica. A variety for you to take life easy.

Lineage: Afghan kush / Yumbolt

Genotype: 100% Indica

Way of Cropping: Int. / Ext.

Indoor Harvest Time: From 50 to 55 days

Outdoor Harvest Time: Late September / early October

Production: 350-450gr indoor / outdoor 900gr

Incensed flavor with hints of pepper

Incensed smell spices

Relaxing / sedative effect

THC: 15%

High Resistance to fungi

Resistance to Plagues: High

Medicinal Value: Very high